Overflowing Septic Tank Dangers of Human Feces

Proper and regular inspections and maintenance of your septic tank is very important to your home. This applies to those particular areas that do not have connections to the sewage pipes that are provided by the state or the city. In these certain areas, septic tanks are the ones that break down wastes that are being flushed down the toilet. Bacteria present inside the septic tank will break down human waste so that it will not contaminate other local water supplies in the area. Without proper and regular inspections and maintenance, septic tanks can tend to overflow that will possibly cause numerous unpleasant problems and most of them are related to health.

Septic Tank

1. Ingestion of Harmful Bacteria

All fecal human matter contains bacteria and some of which is beneficial in the intestines of people. However, when these bacteria affect other body parts, a big problem will occur. For example, E. coli is a normal addition to the digestive systems of humans. However, it is ingested by mouth; it can possibly make a person sick. Furthermore, septic tanks that are overflowing can cause water waste to go back up into your home through bathtub drains and toilets. In addition to that, leaking septic tanks can also cause waste water to leak into your yard.

2. Occurrence of Viruses

While this is not included in a healthy digestive system, sick people can transmit dangerous viruses through their fecal material. These viruses can eventually impact non-infected and healthy people who happen to come into contact with any infected fecal material. When you deal with an overflowing septic tank, it’s very important that you clean very thoroughly any part of your skin that you believe to have touched the infected fecal material in order to avoid spreading any viruses that are present in the fecal material.

3. Parasites

In general, parasites are quite common in human wastes. If an individual comes in contact with fecal matter that is infected with parasite and he or she doesn’t wash and disinfect his or her hands properly and thoroughly, the eggs of parasites can possibly be left on countertops, doorknobs, as well as handles of the faucets where they can be picked up by other individuals living in the house and possibly ingested.

4. Flammable Gas

Bacteria that help break down human fecal matter in the septic system actually produce methane gas as their byproduct. As a matter of fact, this explosive gas is odorless and is usually present to some degree in every septic system. Furthermore, if you do not flush out a septic system, the methane gas will surely build up the harmful methane gas, which could probably leak out into your house.

In order to prevent your septic tank from overflowing and avoid these harmful effects, you should always make sure that your septic system is regularly and properly inspected and maintained. It is best that you only choose to hire the services of a professional septic tank service company such as Septic Tank Service Dayton Ohio in order to make sure that your septic tank problems will be responded right away in the most professional manner.


Common Reasons Why a Septic Tank Overflows

Septic tank systems process waste of every household in areas that do not have local sewer systems. Most of the time, they consist of a big holding septic tank as well as a nearby drainage field that is made of underground trenches. As household waste exits the house, it passes through different pipes until the waste reaches the septic tank.  After that,  the solid waste will settle to the tank’s bottom and the liquid waste and effluent,  on the other hand, will pass into the fields of drainage where they are gradually absorbed into the earth. The overflowing of a septic tank can often be a result of a wide variety of factors. By identifying the real reasons why a septic tank overflows, you can be able to determine the most effective way on how to repair your septic system as well as restore its normal operation. In this article, you will be able to learn some of the most common causes of a septic tank overflow.

Septic Tank

Improper Maintenance

As household wastes pass through the tank, some wastes that are not biodegradable settle to the bottom area of the septic tank immediately. In addition to that, some solid waste ends up in the tank’s bottom too. Over the years, the septic tank’s level of sludge increases. According to experts, septic tanks should be pumped out and emptied every 3 to 5 years in order remove the sludge as well as to prevent overflow. If this is the case, you will need to hire a professional septic tank service company like Septic Tank Service Dayton Ohio. This is because they have the specialized tools and equipment on how to perform this job in the most accurate and professional manner. In addition to that, professional septic service providers are also highly trained, skilled and experienced in their field since this is one thing that they do every day. In order to prevent your septic tank to overflow, make sure that it is adequately maintained by a professional septic tank service company.

Lack of Helpful Bacteria

Septic tanks have naturally occurring bacteria that helps in breaking down wastes as well as allowing it to reach the drainage field. If a certain septic tank has low bacteria levels, solids will not break down. And because of that, solid wastes will build up more quickly than usual. Because of this, the septic tank will eventually overflow, or can lead to clogging in trenches or drainage pipes. According to an expert, any cleaning solution that is toxic to people can also eliminate helpful bacteria inside a septic system. Therefore, you should make sure to keep disinfectants, bleach as well as toilet cleaners out of piping in order to avoid killing helpful bacteria as they can greatly contribute to the overall maintenance of your septic system.

As solids that are broken down and liquid wastes exit the septic tank, they will then pass through a series of piping system that leads into the underground drainage field. If a septic tank is overflowing, you will notice that the ground is wet above the drainage area field.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Septic Tank Service

While unclogging the toilet or taking out the garbage can be an easy task, a leaky septic tank is a whole lot difficult task to handle. Repairing it involves more than just a plunger of a few plastic bags, not to mention having a blocked nose. This is the reason why this kind of job should be handled by professional contractors such as Septic Tank Service Dayton Ohio since they are licensed, trained as well as fully equipped with specialized tools and equipment in order handle any septic tank service with ease and professionalism. In this article, you will be able to learn the benefits of a professional septic tank service.

Septic Tank Service

1. Keep Your Hands Clean

While most people wouldn’t want to handle foul smelling sewage wasting, this is specifically what the team of professional septic cleaners does every day. They make sure that everybody’s home are not affected by a tank leak. A professional septic tank service provider has the most appropriate tools, products and equipment used to deal with almost any problem that they might be able to face and need to clean out in the most efficient and effective manner. Whether it is just as small as a tiny crack in your tank or a removal of a lot of waste in your septic tank, an appropriate and professional septic tank service is needed in order to get the job done right the first time.

2. Experience and Expertise Counts

Cleaning out discharged waste or a septic tank often takes more skill, experience, and expertise than you can ever imagine. Fortunately, there are a lot of established and professional septic tank service companies out there that have the ability to provide the most high quality septic pumping service. Since they have the expertise and experience in cleaning out a septic tank, they can definitely be able to thoroughly clean your septic tank without leaving any residual waste.

3. Reliable Advices for Future Use

It has been believed that if a specific tank leaked once, there is a big possibility that it will eventually leak again. And if this is the case, you will need to ask the help of professional septic tank service providers. A reputable septic tank cleaning company can aid in keeping your septic tank safe from future leaks. Aside from that, they can also provide you with important advice relating to how you should maintain the integrity of your septic tank in the most proper way. These professional septic tank service providers can also be able to provide you with highly informative guide on how to maintain a quality septic tank using cheap or ordinary materials that are often readily available in your house. However, they strongly advice homeowners to leave all repair or cleaning works that are related to septic tank services to their professional skills in order to have a successful cleaning or repair project.

4. Saves You Money, Time and Effort

If you think that getting rid of some waste from your septic tank would not cost you too much, then you might probably be wrong for some reasons. As a matter of fact, hiring a professional septic tank professional is the most viable and cost effective method to keep your house free from overflowing septic tank waste.


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